Violin & Viola Lessons

violin lessonsViolin and Viola lessons are available to children from 6 years up to Adult.

The Violin is a very versatile instrument with many different uses. The main styles I offer are Classical and Scottish/Fiddle music, although many pupils also enjoy playing arrangements of pop songs.

Violins come in several different sizes, due to the different sizes of players. The most common sizes are 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 7/8 and 4/4.

To judge which size you need it is important to get professional advice before purchasing.

Violas are like a bigger violin. These instruments have a mellower  and deeper sound, and also use a different clef. They are an instrument in decline, and as such are in great demand by orchestras and quartets.

Again Violas come in many different sizes, and are measured in inches. Most average sized teenagers and adults would start on a 14″ or 15″ Viola.

Smaller children can start on a fraction sized Violin strung as a Viola.

As before, to judge which size you need it is important to get professional advice before purchasing.

Most students who wish to sit Violin or Viola exams use the ABRSM system.

I usually have a small selection of second hand violins for sale in various sizes, and I am also willing to part exchange as the student moves up the sizes, or there are a few reputable places listed on the Links page to buy in person or online.

Students must bring their own instrument to all lessons. As well as the Violin/Viola and Bow you should also have Rosin, a soft cloth and possibly a shoulder rest. Spare strings are also usually a good idea.

As String instruments are the mainstay of most orchestral and chamber groups I encourage students to get involved in as many groups as possible, as it is a great opportunity for students to meet others who also play an instrument, and to get advice, support and motivation.

Ruthven Strings is our String Ensemble. All ages and levels of player are welcome, as music is arranged to suit all abilities.

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