COVID19 – update for studio families.

COVID19 – update for studio families.

COVID19 – update for studio families.

In light of the rapidly changing situation regarding Coronavirus, I wanted to update you on both our current and contingency plans for lessons.

✅ At the moment, lessons are on as usual – please ensure you observe good hygiene practice as advised by the NHS and World Heath Organisation and make sure you wash your hands throughly before your lesson.

❌ Do not attend lessons if you are exhibiting symptoms of Covid19 such as a high temperature or cough – please contact me ASAP to discuss alternative arrangements.

⚠️ All studio equipment including the door handles, toilet, music stands and waiting area will be frequently cleaned with antibacterial wipes and/or a cleaner containing bleach. Piano keys will be cleaned with hydrogen peroxide solution as recommended by Steinway.

➡️ Looking Ahead
If face-to-face lessons need to be suspended for any reason there are several options available to continue receiving tuition.

🔵Lessons can be delivered online, using platforms such as Zoom (my preferred choice)
or Facetime, Facebook Messenger and Skype.
These are easy to use and only require an internet connection and some kind of computer/laptop/tablet/smartphone.
Lessons taken this way are very effective if planned properly and are an excellent alternative, especially in the short term 🤞

🔵Students can record video of them performing their pieces, technical exercises and scales and Email/WhatsApp/Messenger them to me in advance of their lesson time so I can spend that time listening to the recordings and writing practice notes for you to work on.

🔵Written Theory work, emailed out to be completed and sent back in advance of your lesson time to be marked and advice given with new worksheets and exercises assigned for the following week.

Face-to-Face lessons will only be suspended if you (or I) are instructed to self isolate or display symptoms of the virus or if the government advice changes.

Any student is welcome to switch to online lessons at any time, and I am more than willing to schedule a time for you to try out some of the above options for online lessons if you are unsure about how to use them.

My normal terms and conditions still apply, which do include 6 weeks you are not charged for (your monthly fees are worked out on a 42 week teaching year, in which I take 4 weeks as holiday and you have 6 weeks to use as holiday or for illness) however hopefully we can work together to ensure no one misses out on lessons.

I will keep you up to date with any changes going forward, but as of now it is business as usual! Looking forward to seeing you at your lessons this week

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