Molly M performing her own composition I Love Ducks 17/06/2017


Aurelia C playing guitar and singing Thinking Out Loud 15/04/2017


Sophie H performing the Second Movement from Beethoven’s Pathetique Sonata 13/04/2017


Tony M singing Speak Softly Love 13/04/2017


Francesca O singing My Favourite Things 28/03/2017


Anshi V singing My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean 25/03/2017


Ruthven Strings performing Skyfall 18/03/2017


Samyu K performing Pig Ankle Rag on Violin 16/03/2017


Harini K performing Vivaldi’s Allegro 16/03/2017


Lara P performing One More Night by Phil Collins on Keyboard 15/03/2017


Heather C performing a Bach Prelude in C Major 15/03/2017


Gary M performing Chopin’s Prelude in E Minor 15/05/2017


Mark M performing Party Piece on Piano from Chester’s Book 1 by  Carol Barratt 13/03/2017


Gillian M playing My Black Cat from Me and My Piano Part 2 by Waterman and Harewood 13/03/2017


Abigail M playing and singing a 4 chord Mash Up of current Pop Songs 08/03/2017


Rachel F (age 6) playing Tallis’ Canon piano duet from Chester’s Book 1 by  Carol Barratt 08/03/2017


An extract of Haydn’s Allegro Moderato from his Violin Concerto in G, played by Jennifer Lackie in February 2017


Clementi’s Sonatina for Piano performed by Jennifer Lackie in February 2017